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BAMAN is a Software Development and IT Consulting Company based out in Tehran, IRAN

We are 100+ people employment, distributed in our different development centers in Tehran, Our business policy is not directly related to the people, and BAMAN make a better connection between people and the clients We have to learn more on how consumers & user are behaving. After a while its our turn to make a better life. We build an optimized life.

Baman Products

We have analyzed the market and we found the gaps. Sharing economy-wise we planned to build an ecosystem which is the main play field to learn.
We have been providing outsourced offshore services with neighboring countries as our commitment and abilities to work with clients outside IRAN.

Irantic , as a ticketing system for cultural and artistic products, in areas such as cinema, theater, music, education and so on, with each of the above areas having a monopoly market by a major player; It was able to deliver a successful experience and gain a credible market share in addition to gaining a credible and reliable brand for it’s customers. Now, the Irantic team intends to take a big step forward, backed by the brilliant experience of it’s professional staff, looking at the fresh and bright horizons ahead in all the cultural, artistic and other areas available to achieve top rank in ticket sales.


Our main project is manex which is going to be introduced in IRAN. The manex vision is to be the leading platform for optimizing Iranian life portfolio by the means of sharing economy. Working with a leading bank in Iran alongside partnership with major businesses make us the beneficiary who can access the big data provided from transactions.
First we introduce manex as a multi brand loyalty program, then we move to the next level and help users and businesses to obtain the most out of each transaction using the data ( Consumer behavior , peaks and off-peaks and etc.) gathered from both sides.


Helsa is an On-Demand Laundry and Dry-Cleaning Service Company based out in Tehran, we provide the complete services for various cities across Iran and we provide an affordable and convenient way of getting your laundry done right at your finger-tips.Helsa Has more the 3000 Loyal customers with more than 20-15 Orders per day. Right now, helsa is the leading laundry app in IRAN.


If you, want to be our partner join us through ideation phase